Title: May 9th Partial Solar Eclipse
Location: Hawaiian Islands
Date / Time: May 9th starting at 2:20PM HST
Comments: Hawaii will be the only US state to see the May 9th partial solar eclipse. This informative site has a great video (with animation) and graphics depicting how the eclipse will appear, with viewing times from Honolulu: http://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/in/usa/honolulu At the peak of the eclipse (around 3:45PM HST), using a safe filter, viewers will see between 40% ? 50% of the Sun blocked by the Moon (depending upon the island from which you are viewing). Throughout Hawaii, the eclipse will begin at around 2:20PM HST, as the Moon starts to slide across the solar disk. The Moon will appear to take a "bite" off the Sun. The 'bite' will get bigger & bigger until maximum eclipse, when more than one-third of the Sun will be blocked. After that, the Moon will slowly uncover the Sun, the 'bite' will get smaller & smaller, until the partial eclipse ends around 5PM. It cannot be stressed enough that it is never safe to view a partial solar eclipse without appropriate eye protection. If any part of the Sun?s disc is still visible, there is the danger of permanent eye damage.

Maintained by Roz Reiner - Kauai, Hawaii


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